my mission: 100 countries in one year

Between August 2, 2017 and August 2, 2018 I'll be travelling around the world in an attempt to visit 100 countries in one year. Why, you ask? Why not? I decided I needed a break from school, work, research, and the emotional labour of being a trans person in a world filled with cis people and I was fortunate enough to be in a financial position where I could make that happen. Travelling seemed like a logical way to give myself that break because not only is it a physical and emotional escape from the daily grind of life, but it's also something I love and that helps me grow as a person. I like to day dream and as I was envisioning what a year of travel might look like, I conjured up the idea of going to 100 countries. At first it seemed like a wild dream, but as I ran different route and budgeting possibilities, I realised that it just might be feasible and I'm not one to turn down a challenge. 

There are any number of things - positive, negative, or neutral - that might happen along the way that could change or impede that goal. I may arrive in a city or country and fall in love with it so much that I decide to stay for as long as possible. Money could run out. I might decide I'm ready to head back to the "real world" for school or a job opportunity I can't pass up. Perhaps I'll fall in love (unlikely, but you never know) and drop everything to be with another person. Natural disaster or political turmoil could force me to head home. Injury or illness may get in the way. Anything could happen. And that's okay. It'll all be part of the experience and I hope to learn from every moment of joy, frustration, disappointment, excitement, and uncertainty.

I first decided to blog my experience just so I can document it for myself - not only what I do but how the whole experience influences my. And that's still my main purpose. But I also hope to carve out a little space in the world of travel for people who don't fit the norm. Most well-known travel bloggers are cis, white, straight, men (or at last 3 of those categories). I am one of those - white, which is an important point of privilege to acknowledge - but I don't fit into any of those other categories and I want to help people realise that barriers to travel don't have to keep you from doing it if you really want to. You just have to get creative.