Dear Brighton

Dear Brighton,

Thank you welcoming me with open arms and creating another place to call home. I'll miss the view from my flat and being in the centre of this beautiful city.

The view from my flat

The view from my flat

Thank you for surrounding me with nature and places to explore. I'll miss running through the hills of the South Downs and along the beach, and watching the sunset across the horizon. Oh how I’ll miss the sunsets.

Thank you for allowing me to immerse myself in queer culture and radical resistance. I’ll miss the protests and organising meetings, and creating solidarity with people who were once strangers.

Thank you for the countless opportunities to try new things, like roller derby and flying trapeze. I’ll miss it, but I know wherever life takes me, I’ll always find opportunities to do something new or reignite a past love.

Thank you for all the treasures of Brighton. I’ll miss the street art, dogs, quirky pubs, and my random but wonderful job.

But most of all, thank you for the friendships. Thank you for the laughter, drunken nights, and shared meals, and common anger at the world. I’ll miss and cherish those moments that made our friendships special, but I look forward to the day when we reunite – whenever that may be.

I won’t miss the tourists or the random Tories, the 25/25X or the seagulls, or the confusing and questionably designed buildings at Sussex. You aren't perfect - nowhere is - but you are as close as I can expect in our current world.  No matter where I lay my head to rest or send my snail mail, you will always be one of the places I call home.

I don’t believe in goodbyes, only “see you later,” “until next time,” and “goodbye for now.” I will return one day to once again embrace the queerness and beauty of Brighton.

Love always,