The City of Music

I woke up early to get a bus into Vienna, Austria. My initial plan was to do a day trip to a smaller city in Slovakia today, but when I realised that my route through Austria later on didn't include Vienna, I thought I might as well take advantage of the close proximity of the two capital cities.

Upon arrival, I got a transportation ticket for €2.20 (that's a single; you can get a full day or multi-day pass, but having planned my route, I would only being taking it twice so was cheaper to buy two singles) and made my way to St. Marx Cemetery. This is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is buried, however due to the normalcy of mass graves due to during the time of his death, it actually isn't known exactly where in the cemetery he is buried. So they just stuck a gravestone at their best guess.

Mozart's grave (Vienna, Austria)

Random thing (can't call it a fact) about Mozart, there's a theory that he's transgender. Okay, probably not true and there's very little basis in the theory, but it still made me feel like a trans photo op was called for.

The cemetery is south of the city centre, and it's about a 20 minute walk to Belvedere Palace. Tickets were €15 so I didn't think it was worth going it. But the outside is still pretty.

Belvedere Palace (Vienna, Austria)

A few more minutes walking towards the city centre and you're at Hochstrahlbrunnen, a pretty fountain and surrounding park.

Keep heading towards the city and you'll reach Karlskirche, one of the most famous churches in Vienna. 

At this point I grabbed some lunch from a street vendor before the 2:00 PM free walking tour. The tour was good, but honestly not as good as some of the walking tours I've done the in the past. It just wasn't as engaging or interesting. Regardless, we saw and heard about some pretty cool sites, including Albertina, Josefsplatz, the Spanish Riding School, St. Stephen's Cathedral, and a cafe (which is now owned by Starbucks...) where Mozart apparently frequented.

The city gave up on trying to clean the dirt from pollution off of the cathedral.

The city gave up on trying to clean the dirt from pollution off of the cathedral.

The tour finished right near the Danube river, so I went for a stroll along the river to check out the street art along the walls.

I took the rest of the evening to relax and enjoy the views of the Danube before getting the bus back to Bratislava. I barely touched the surface of Vienna, but I'm glad I got a few hours in this beautiful city. While there's certainly lots to do on a budget, so many things that the city has to offer does cost an arm and a leg. So maybe one day when I have money for entrance fees for all the palaces I'll come back and enjoy it to its fullest. 

The ride back to Bratislava as gorgeous with the sun setting and the full moon emerging. By the time I arrived, the night had fallen and it was time to test my night photography skills before heading back to my hostel to pack before getting a train to Budapest tomorrow.

Moon over Danube in Bratislava