Use the form below to share your story of sexual violence and travel. Centring your voices and stories as fellow survivors, I will create a blog series focusing on these issues. Your story may appear in part or whole as a direct quote, summarised, or drawn on thematically. Before anything is published that uses your story, you will have the opportunity to read and approve for the context, use, and purpose, as well as any edits that may be made for clarity, grammar, and privacy of individuals mentioned. You have the option to have your full name, first name, or no name used with your story, and this can be changed at any point by emailing 

Please keep submissions here less than 1,000 words. If you are interested in submitting a longer story for consideration as a full blog post, please email with the story attached as Word document or similar format with the subject "Story Submission." 

I also welcome photo submissions that may be used for images in blog posts. Like with stories, you will have the option for how your name does or does not appear for credit, and you will have the opportunity to make approvals before publication. Please email photos to with the subject "Photo Submission."

When submitting your story, consider the following prompts. Everyone is at a different place in healing, and every story is unique, so not all questions may be applicable to you - these are just meant to be a starting point if you feel unsure where to begin.

  • Did the fact that you were travelling influence your response to the incident? 
  • What did you do to engage in self-care, both immediately afterwards and in the long term? 
  • How did your perception of solo travel for women and trans people change afterwards?
  • Have you travelled since? What was it like? 
  • What can people in the tour industry - tour guides, hostel/hotel staff, tour companies, etc. - do to prevent sexual violence, and support survivors when it does happen? 
  • What advice would you give to women and trans people who want to travel but are scared of sexual violence? 
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